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Gelatin Capsules Shell

Gelatin capsule is a capsule made of gelatin as the main material. If it is not filled with drugs, it is called a hollow capsule to fill drugs. The drug is directly wrapped into soft capsules by drop method, steel mold method or rotary mold method.

In order to improve the properties of the capsule and endow it with special functions, various additives can be added, such as plasticizer, sunscreen, sustained-release and enteric-soluble excipients, surface active agent and bactericide Flavor correction agent and pigment, etc.

Halal capsules shell

Halal capsule is mainly made of Halal gelatin. No illegal halal ingredients are added in the production process. The production process conforms to the living habits and needs of Muslims. It has the same appearance and filling performance as gelatin hollow capsules, and is suitable for various types of automatic filling machines.

Enteric Capsules Shell

In fact, the so-called enteric-coated capsule is just a special medical polymer material added to the capsule shell or specially treated to make it insoluble in gastric juice, only disintegrate and dissolve in intestinal juice. The capsule will not be dissolved in the stomach, or even in the boiling water.

Vegetable Capsules Shell

Vegetable capsule shell, which is made of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) as the main raw material from natural plants.
Vegetable capsule shell is made of cassava starch, glycerin and purified water. Compared with traditional capsules, it is undoubtedly a more natural and safer choice. It has the advantages of natural plant extraction, no odor, no preservatives, no fungicides, etc.


1. The main raw material of vegetable capsule is hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), which is the most abundant natural polymer in nature and is extracted from marine or terrestrial plants by physical methods.

2. HPMC in vegetable capsule is stable in nature (no chemical reaction with air and water), and will not cross link with some drugs. It has wide adaptability, stable drug release rate, complete dissolution, more significant effect, and small individual difference. HPMC still has a natural concept after being made into capsule, and no preservatives need to be added in the production process.

3. The vegetable capsule is not fragile under low humidity conditions, and the capsule shell can still be stable under high humidity conditions. The storage conditions are broad, and the temperature is between 10 – 40 ℃, and the humidity is between 35 – 65%, which will not soften, deform, or harden and become brittle.

Various Colors

Color With White

Full Color

Mixed Color


Capsule advantages

It can cover up the smell of the drug itself,solve the problem of difficult entrance.

The gelatin capsule only takes 15 minutes to dissolve rapidly in the body.

Reduce the irritation of the drug powder to the esophagus and protect the mucosa from damage.

Various sizes and colors can be customized.

Storage conditions

1. Because the hollow capsule has the characteristics of being easy to crack due to too little water content, and easy to soften and deform due to too much water content, the water content of the hollow capsule should be controlled between 12.5 – 17.5%;

2. Containers containing capsules should be placed on the shelf, avoiding windows and pipes to keep them in a cool and ventilated place, avoiding sunlight and close to heat sources;

3. Do not place and press at will;

4. The packaging container should be sealed before use. If it has been opened, please take corresponding sterilization measures, otherwise it is easy to cause bacterial contamination;

5. The inventory temperature should be kept at 15 – 25 ℃; The relative humidity is kept at 35 – 65%;

6. Do not store it under high temperature and humidity, or it will become soft due to heat and cause adhesion and deformation, and do not place it under too low temperature or too dry environment, or the capsule will easily become brittle and fragile;

7. The capsules can be stored in good condition for more than 9 months according to the above storage conditions.

Packing and delivery

Standard Exportation Packaging

Capsules packed in Plastic bags first, then aluminum foil bags, packed in 2 5-Layer corrugated boxes, lined with styrofoam boards.

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